Slims Fish Camp on Torry Island


Torry Island in Lake OkeechobeeTorry Island located in Belle Glade Florida and part of western Palm Beach County located on the southeastern shores of Lake Okeechobee. Torry Island the only inhabited island on Lake Okeechobee, which can only be accessed by a single-lane bridge. Torry Island offers a complete outdoor experience, as a visitor you will enjoy a fun-filled experience by shoreline fishing, walking, biking, wildlife viewing, camping. To many visitors the most exciting treasure on Lake Okeechobee is its rich historical treasures that offer an array of natural wonders, starting with the bridge you drive over to get on the island. Lake Okeechobee has a unique ecosystem, Torry Island offers guest premium activities all in one location with a complete bait/tackle store for all your fishing needs.

Anglers have the best direct access to Lake Okeechobee from Torry Island, Okeechobee is the biggest lake in Florida which considered the Bass Fishing Capital of the World, and that all starts on Torry Island. Be sure to bring your camera when visiting the island, it provides bird watching such as bald eagles, osprey, snail kites, roseate spoonbills, blue-winged teal, and more.

Bikers and Hikers have trails on Torry Island and the Herbert Hoover Dike that surrounds the lake. Golfers, bring your clubs and play a round of golf at Sugarcane which is the only course located on the shores of Lake O. If you enjoy picnics with family and friends, the Campground offers covered pavilions lined along the Rim Canal and while relaxing, you’ll see local anglers fishing for big bass and panfish or watch as the historical Torry Island swing bridge opens and closes allowing sailboats to cross the Okeechobee Waterway or simply cast a line from shore while enjoying your day.

Torry Island is located 25 miles west of Palm Beaches and about 40 miles to the Ocean. It’s 60 miles from Fort Lauderdale, 80 miles north of Miami, and 90 miles east of Ft Myers.

Slims Fish Camp on Torry Island

Today Belle Glade is the largest city on the southern rim of Lake Okeechobee. The city’s motto is “Her soil is her fortune,” the same soil that rose from the swamplands to create other communities, most of which did not endure. On Torry Island, now part of Belle Glade, has the state’s last manually operated swing bridge crosses the Rim Canal inside the Herbert Hoover Dike.

Torry Island truly is a diamond in the rough, so stop by, enjoy the natural beauty of the Everglades headwaters on Lake Okeechobee’s “Torry Island.”

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