Lake Okeechobee Airal

Lake Okeechobee Airal

Lake Okeechobee got its name from two Indian words, “Okee” meaning (Big) and “Chobee” meaning (Water). Located in South Central Florida. Big “O” lies geographically in the center of the State. Okeechobee is famous for its bass fishing, speckled perch, (also called crappie), bluegill, shellcracker fishing, and duck hunting.

The Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail opened by United States Forest Service in June of 1993 is located on top of the Hoover Dike, it is open to hikers and cyclists. The trail runs for 110 miles around the Big “O”. Wildlife such as the bald eagle, blue heron, cattle egret, the white ibis, sandhill crane, turkey vulture, owl, and countless other species thrive here, including alligator, bobcat, and turkey. On rare occasions, you may even spot a Florida Panther.

Those traveling on business can make the most of their trip, as so many of the area’s corporate offices are located near or in Palm Beach just a short distance east of the Lake.

In the heart of the world capital of Speckled Perch and Crappie fishing, guests can enjoy wonderful fishing at Lake Okeechobee from the shore or with professional fishing guides. Also enjoy a day of golf at many of the nearby golf courses, available KOA’s for camping while you indulge in a day of hiking, bird watching, boating, and hunting while enjoying the fruits of the Lake.

Lucky no matter where you are located in Florida the lake is convenient for you, the lake is 750 square miles in size and has great assess from the east or west coast.

Lake Okeechobee Sunset

Lake Okeechobee Sunset

Are you looking for a great adventure on Lake Okeechobee in Florida?

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