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About US – Slims Lake Okeechobee Marina

Slims Fish Camp has been a legendary landmark on Lake Okeechobee since the 1930″s.
About us Charlie CorbinThe Corbin Family opened the fish camp in 1935 on Torry Island in Belle Glade, Florida, and now today, it is a Palm Beach County historic site on the shores of Lake Okeechobee. Back in the day, farmers used the island for growing corn, among other things; today, it is the headquarters for Lake Okeechobee fishing and outdoor activities.

The Corbin family, now in the 3rd generation, have committed to making Torry island a destination for all outdoor activities; excellent shoreline fishing is available, am-peal parking for any size tournament, and a pavilion that sits 60 for events and weight-ins.
The Fish Camp has been moved over the years but has always been on Torry Island, servicing anglers and outdoorsmen for boating, fishing, hunting, air-boating, and more. The marina, over the year, has offered boat rentals, a tackle shop, dock-age, tournaments, and boat repairs.

Slims fish camp has also offered professional guide trips on Lake Okeechobee for more than 70 years; since 1930, Slims Fish Camp has lasted the test of time.

If you get the chance, don’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Corbin’s and Slims Fish Camp, the stories and fishing are unlike anywhere else on the lake!

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